the standards

Helluva Hefe

Our Hefeweizen is a pale yellow, light bodied American Wheat Ale.  Served with or without a lemon.

OG 12.5P - IBU 11 - SRM 4 - ABV 4.9%

Honey Red

A reddish-brown, medium bodied ale with malty flavor profile and a subtle hop balance.

OG 12.5P - IBU 10 - SRM 12 - ABV 5.2%

Helluva Honey

The bartender's own concoction.  Equal parts of our Honey Red and Helluva Hefe blend for a unique flavor.

IBU 11 - SRM 7 - ABV 5.0%

Screaming Eagle IPA

A light amber IPA with a substantial hop flavor and aroma, backed with a caramel malt presence.

OG 15.5P - IBU 62 - SRM 5 - ABV 6.6%

The Cascadian

A very dark and hoppy ale whose style originated in the Great Northwest.  It is a dark IPA with a strong roasted/chocolate backing.

OG 17.4P - IBU 60 - SRM 28 - ABV 6.8%

The Saison

A light copper Belgian style ale flavored with bitter orange peel and coriander.

OG 13.5P - IBU 8 - SRM 8 - ABV 5.4%

The American's Amber

Brewed for the Tri-City American fans, this is a deep crimson ale with a full caramel/roast flavor with a strong hop balance.

OG 13.0P - IBU 26 - SRM 18 - ABV 5.3%

Hickory Smoked Porter

A dark, robust style Porter, smoked with hickory, with a smooth hop balance.

OG 13.0P - IBU 22 - SRM 29 - ABV 5.4%

THE snake light

An ale version of the classic light pilsner, with a crisp hoppy snap.

OG 8.0P - IBU 20 - SRM 2 - ABV 3.2%

the brewers specials

face ripper

Our own Double IPA

OG 19.0P - IBU 85 - SRM 5 - ABV 9.5%


THE fever nut brown - almost gone, get it while you can!

Our yearly spring beer.  Deep brown, with a nutty, roasty, chocolaty flavor profile.  Available for a limited time durring the spring, ask your server for details.

OG 13.6P - IBU 7 - SRM 17 - ABV 6.3%


Strawberries and cream 2017 - Now serving!

A new summertime favorite.  very pale golden and creamy, with a touch of strawberry

OG 11.0P - IBU 0 - SRM 2 - ABV 5.2%

the nano series

these are one keg batches, available for a limited time each.


the process

By the Numbers

OG - Original Gravity.

 This is a measure of the thickness of the beer before it is fermented, measured here in degrees Plato (P).

  • OG(P) x 17.5 is roughly equal to the calories in a 16oz pint
  • OG(P) x 2 is roughly equal to the grams of carbs in a 16oz pint
  • OG(P) / 2.3 is roughly equal to the alcohol content (ABV)

IBU - International Bittering Units

This is a measure of the bitterness of the beer.  More precisely, it is the ppm of iso-alpha acid dissolved in the beer from the hops during the boil.

A hint about the overall flavor of a beer can be obtained by comparing the OG to the IBU.  For example, beer with a higher OG/IBU ratio (the Stout 13.5/20) will have a sweeter flavor than a beer with a lower one (the Light 8.0/20) even though the IBUs are the same.

SRM - Standard Reference Method

This is a measure of the color of the beer.  The color can also give hints as to the flavor of the beer.  Amber colors suggest sweet/grainy/caramel flavors, dark brown to black colors will generally have roasted/coffee/chocolate/burnt flavors.

  • 0 - 4 SRM   pale yellow
  • 5 - 7 SRM   copper to light amber
  • 7 - 12 SRM   mid amber/red
  • 12 - 17 SRM   deep amber/brown
  • 18 - 25 SRM   dark brown to black
  • 25 +  black

ABV - Alcohol By Volume

The percent of the beer by volume that is alcohol.  AKA the "party" percentage.